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A-Grip UV Product
Resin Kit admin_a-grip January 12, 2023

A-Grip UV is a polyurethane adhesive, formulated for use as a Decorative Pebble Binder.

The system is fully UV stable and has market leading mechanical properties (see technical data sheet). A-Grip UV has excellent adhesion properties to a large range of engineered aggregates and will bond to bituminous and concrete surfaces. A-Grip UV can be used to create SUDS compliant surfaces (dependent upon SUDS compliance of substrate) and tree pits.

Size: Two part 6.5Kg Kit

Coverage: 2.9m² @ 20mm depth/3.2m² @ 18mm depth


A-Grip UV is a resin bound (screed) system that is supplied as a two component kit that when mixed together with an approved blend of aggregates produces a completely clear non-yellowing decorative bound surface that allows the colour of the stone to show through with a wet look imparted to the stone leaving a glossy finish.

The completed screed is highly porous and can be used as part of a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant decorative surface.

A-Grip UV is a liquid, polyurethane system specially formulated for use in pebble binding applications where the product is mixed with aggregate which is then laid as a screed over a load bearing substrate. It’s highly aesthetic appearance makes it an ideal surfacing for garden paths, non-commercial driveways, public footpaths and even cityscape projects. Due to the products porosity, it is often used in landscaping features such as tree-pits.

When cured, A-Grip UV has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious wood and most aggregates. A-Grip UV is best suited for areas of light vehicular or foot traffic only areas where the high performance of a resin bonded surface is not required. As with the other surfaces above, no primer is necessary.

– Completely non-yellowing
– SUDS Compliant
– Long lasting


A-Grip UV