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Movement Trim


Trim orders above £100 nett are free delivery. Items with a value of less than £10 nett a delivery charge of £10.50 + VAT will be applied. Supplied in any RAL Number. Stock colours delivered in 1-3 days. All other colours have a 3-5 day delivery schedule due bespoke nature of product. All trims and inserts 2,500mm long.

RAL 1000RAL 1000RAL 1001RAL 1001RAL 1002RAL 1002RAL 1003RAL 1003RAL 1004RAL 1004RAL 1005RAL 1005RAL 1006RAL 1006RAL 1007RAL 1007RAL 1011RAL 1011RAL 1012RAL 1012RAL 1013RAL 1013RAL 1014RAL 1014RAL 1015RAL 1015RAL 1016RAL 1016RAL 1018RAL 1018RAL 1019RAL 1019RAL 1020RAL 1020RAL 1021RAL 1021RAL 1023RAL 1023RAL 1024RAL 1024RAL 1027RAL 1027RAL 1028RAL 1028RAL 1032RAL 1032RAL 1033RAL 1033RAL 1034RAL 1034RAL 2000RAL 2000RAL 2001RAL 2001RAL 2002RAL 2002RAL 2003RAL 2003RAL 2004RAL 2004RAL 2008RAL 2008RAL 2009RAL 2009RAL 2010RAL 2010RAL 2011RAL 2011RAL 2012RAL 2012RAL 3000RAL 3000RAL 3001RAL 3001RAL 3002RAL 3002RAL 3003RAL 3003RAL 3004RAL 3004RAL 3005RAL 3005RAL 3007RAL 3007RAL 3009RAL 3009RAL 3011RAL 3011RAL 3012RAL 3012RAL 3013RAL 3013RAL 3014RAL 3014RAL 3015RAL 3015RAL 3016RAL 3016RAL 3017RAL 3017RAL 3018RAL 3018RAL 3020RAL 3020RAL 3027RAL 3027RAL 3031RAL 3031RAL 3032RAL 3032RAL 7035RAL 7035RAL 7038RAL 7038RAL 7039RAL 7039RAL 7043RAL 7043RAL 9004RAL 9004
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