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A-Grip PRO


Size: Three part 20Kg Kit

Coverage: Typically, 7.5m²/20Kg Kit (dependent on aggregate/substrate)

A-Grip PRO is a liquid polyurea adhesive, formulated for use within a bonded, decorative aggregate, system. A-Grip PRO passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to Type 1.

A-Grip PRO is supplied as a three-part kit. A-Grip PRO will readily adhere to bituminous, cementitious, metal and non-oily wooden surfaces without the need for a primer. When correctly applied A-Grip PRO has an expected lifespan equal or greater than that of the surface it has been applied to.

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A-Grip Pro is a resin for bonded (coat & scatter) systems that is supplied as a three component kit. The components are mixed together before a layer of resin is applied to the substrate.

Aggregate is then scattered onto the resin while it is still in a liquid state and once the resin has cured, the excess aggregate is brushed off to create a hard wearing, stable surface that has the appearance of a loose gravel surface.

A-Grip Pro is a liquid, polyurea system specially formulated for professional applicators and is ideally suited for applications that require a decorative appearance combined with a very high performance. A -Grip Pro can also be used as a high friction surface as found on roundabouts and motorway slip roads. It passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to Type 1 and has an erosion index of zero (0 best, 30 worst).

When cured, A-Grip Pro has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, wood and metal (qualified) surfaces. A-Grip Pro displays outstanding performance on concrete surfaces where, as with the other surfaces above, no primer is necessary. A-Grip Pro will adhere to damp or uncured concrete (over 14 days old).

  • Passes Type 1 scuffing test
  • Ultra high performance
  • 0ºc to 25ºc application


Application Method
A-GripPro can be used at ambient temperatures
from 0ºc up to 25ºc and will ideally be applied
using a three to four person team. In ambient
temperatures from 20ºc up to 35ºc the user should
give serious consideration to the use of TekGrip DD2.
If the substrate to be treated is ‘Blacktop’ and the
required surface is decorative rather than high
friction, the user should give consideration to the use
of A-Grip Flex.


On applications where the quality of the
blacktop is unknown A-Grip Flex should always be
used. Mixing should take no more than 60 seconds with
the correct equipment. Contact A-Grip if you require
information on suitable mixing equipment. The
mixed material remains in a mobile, liquid form for
approximately 20 minutes, after which a light gel is
formed (lasting approximately 15 minutes). The material
then sets into a soft solid. Excess material can be removed
whilst in the gel form. The material is fit for traffic after
2-8 hours, dependent on the ambient temperature but will
increase in properties over a period of a few days.


Aggregate should be broadcast into the material
in its liquid state. It is vitally important that
this is carried out as soon as possible after
spreading and certainly within 5 minutes. Aggregate
will not adhere properly to semi-cured or cured adhesive.
Do not try to spread the material to more than 10m2
per kit. Proper wear characteristics are achieved
when the aggregate particles are half-buried into
the adhesive and this will not occur if there is not
enough depth of adhesive.


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Weight20 kg