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Size: Three-part 20Kg Kit

Coverage: Typically, 7.5m²/20Kg Kit (dependent on aggregate/substrate)

A-Grip FLEX is a liquid polyurea adhesive, formulated for use within a bonded, decorative aggregate, system. A-Grip PRO passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to Type 2.

A-Grip FLEX is supplied as a three-part kit. A-Grip FLEX has been specially formulated for blacktop surfaces where the quality fails to meet ‘BS EN 13108 part 1’ or is unknown.

New surfaces should have a PEN number of less than 125, be 10mm close graded, well rolled and compacted to conform to ‘BS EN 13108 part 1’. New surfaces should be allowed to age and oxidise for at least 2 weeks prior to applying A-Grip FLEX.

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A-Grip Flex is a resin for bonded (coat & scatter) systems that is supplied as a three component kit. The components are mixed together before a layer of resin is applied to the substrate.

Aggregate is then scattered onto the resin while it is still in a liquid state and once the resin has cured, the excess aggregate is then brushed off to create a stable yet flexible surface that has the appearance of a loose gravel surface.

A-Grip Flex is a liquid, polyurea system specially formulated for applications in which substrate movement could produce reflective cracking in more rigid decorative surfacing products and is ideally suited for applications where the substrate quality fails to conform to BSEN 13108 or is unknown. A-Grip Flex has been designed specifically for low traffic, blacktop surfaces. However, it can also be used on concrete surfaces where a possibility of hairline cracking is present.

When cured, A-Grip Flex has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, wood and metal (qualified) surfaces and is particularly suited to blacktop applications where small substrate movements are likely. As with the other products in the A-Grip range, no primer is necessary.

  • Passes Type 2 scuffing
  • Resistant to reflective cracking
  • Highly aesthetic



Application Method

A-Grip Flex can be used at ambient temperatures
from 0ºc up to 25ºc and ideally this product should
be applied using a three to four person team. A-Grip
Flex should always be used where the quality of the
blacktop is unknown and is usually mixed using a
drill and paddle and then spread over the desired
surface using a fabric roller, brush or squeegee.
Mixing should take place by stirring the ‘A’
component for one minute, adding the other
components and continuing to stir until mixed.
Full mixing should take no more than 60 seconds
with the correct equipment. Contact A-Grip if you
require information on suitable mixing equipment.


The mixed material remains in a mobile, liquid form for
approximately 20 minutes, after which a light gel is
formed (lasting approximately 15 minutes). The material
then sets into a soft solid. Excess material can be removed
whilst in the gel form. The material is fit for traffic after 2-8
hours, dependent on the ambient temperature but will
increase in properties over a period of a few days.
Aggregate should be broadcast into the material
in its liquid state. It is vitally important that this is
carried out as soon as possible after spreading and
certainly within 10 minutes. Aggregate will not
adhere properly to semi-cured or cured adhesive. Do
not try to spread the material to more than 10m2
per kit. Proper wear characteristics are achieved when the
aggregate particles are half-buried into the adhesive
and this will not occur if there is not enough depth of

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Weight20 kg