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A-Grip UV is a high-performance resin bound surfacing adhesive
Product Guide admin_a-grip February 2, 2023

Product Description

A-Grip UV is a high-performance resin bound surfacing adhesive used for decorative aggregate surfacing applications. Incorporating polyurethane technology its aliphatic formulation ensures the product will not discolour or become brittle over time.

Attributes and Benefits

  • High Strength (Guaranteed)
    Excellent bond strength guarantees performance and longevity.
  • Approved Aggregate Blends (Guaranteed)
    Tested blends provide guaranteed performance standards as well as a highly aesthetic appearance.
  • SUDS Compatible (Guaranteed)
    Highly porous blends allow for incorporation into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.
  • Moisture Tolerance (Guaranteed)
    A nitrogen blanket and our unique formulation helps to protect against whitening or blooming.
  • 100% UV Stable (Guaranteed)
    Our non-hybrid, Aliphatic formulation does not require stabilisers and will not degrade or discolour.
  • Solvent Free (Guaranteed)
    Does not contain any hazardous, flammable solvents or fillers.
  • Low Viscosity (Guaranteed)
    Easy to mix formulation enables simple, error-free application.
  • Enhanced Deflection (Guaranteed)
    Unique crack-resistant formulation combines high strength with flexibility.
  • Chemical Resistant (Guaranteed)
    Resistant to oils, brake fluid, detergents, and pesticides.

Application Types
A-Grip UV has been developed for use as a high performance, decorative paving system. Commonly used on driveways, pathways, patios, conservatory & pool surrounds, access roads and both commercial and domestic exterior surfacing applications.

Method of Application
A-Grip UV is mixed with an approved blend of washed, dried decorative aggregates and then trowel applied on to a suitable substrate. The applied screed will then cure to produce a highly decorative, hardwearing, porous surface.

Packaging and Mix Ratio
A-Grip UV is supplied as a pre-measured, 6.5kg two component kit that should be mixed with a 100kg blend of approved aggregates (6% resin to 94% aggregate). Component ‘A’ is supplied in a 5Ltr plastic bottle and component ‘B’ is supplied in a 3Ltr white plastic bucket. A-Grip UV+ is available as a 7.5kg kit size (7% resin to 93% aggregate) however all performance standards and tests are based on the standard 6.5kg kit size.

Coverage Rates
The coverage rate of A-Grip UV is dependent upon the selected aggregate blend and required application depth. As a general ‘rule-of-thumb’ the average coverage rate for a single kit (100kg of aggregate) mix laid at a minimum 20mm depth is 3.30m². The following table details the coverage rates of our approved aggregate blends at varying application depths.

A-Grip UV Blend Coverage Rates (m² per kit/100kg mix)

Aggregate Blend15mm18mm20mm25mm30mm35mm40mm50mm

Aggregate Selection
A-Grip UV must only be used with the aggregates specified in the ‘Approved Aggregates’ document. All aggregates are tested for performance, specially washed and dried for use with a decorative bound resin. It should be noted that different aggregate types can provide very different performance standards. The A-Grip UV approved aggregates and blends have been tested to ensure the desired appearance provides suitable performance for the required end use. All our aggregates can be purchased and delivered with the A-Grip UV resin. We do not recommend the use of any non-approved aggregates or blends.

A-Grip UV Curing Times

Initial cure @ 22°c (Unworkable)30-60 minutes
Surface cure @ 22°c (Fit for Foot Traffic)12-24 Hours
End cure @ 22°c (Fit for Full Traffic)24-48 Hours
Full Cure @ 22°c (Maximum Strength)5-7 Days

Substrate Suitability
The following table details the minimum application depths for A-Grip UV resin bound surfacing and the underlying base types. For a more detailed breakdown of suitable substrate specifications please consult the A-Grip UV specification and installation guidance documents. Our advised penetration value (pen number) for bitumen (BS4987) and hot rolled asphalt substrates (BS EN 13108) is 70-100. Any pen value greater than 100 is

potentially at risk of softening in extreme temperatures whilst any pen value exceeding 150 would be too soft and result in reflective cracking.

Intended UseA-Grip UV ScreedTarmacadam (Open Graded)Concrete (Permeable)DTp3/MOT T3 (Compacted)
Pathway/Foot traffic no vehicular traffic18mm40mm50mm100mm
Domestic Driveway light vehicular use vehicular Class A to B20mm50mm100mm150mm
Domestic Driveway medium vehicular use vehicle Class B to BE25mm70mm120mm175mm
Commercial Use Parking bays / delivery vehicles (Vehicle Class BE to C1)30mm70mm125mm225mm
Tree-Pit 6-10mm Aggregate50mmN/AN/A100mm

A-Grip UV should only be stored in its original packaging, in a dry, covered, well ventilated area between 5°c and 25°c. Under no circumstances should A-Grip UV be allowed to get wet or be left outside overnight. Ideally material should be delivered on the date of its intended use.

The following equipment is required for the installation of an A-Grip UV Resin Bound Surface. Equipment marked with a * can be purchased directly from A-Grip.

  • Mixer* The Baron M110 is the ideal mixer for use with A-Grip UV resin bound surfacing (other brands are available).
  • Power Supply A 110v generator with IP44 16amp socket or a 240v supply and a 5Kva 110v transformer
  • Timer We recommend a large 1 minute and three minute egg timer (160mm h), available from Amazon.
  • Trowels Marshalltown pool floats are perfect for installing your screed, you will also need a square edged float for internal corners and a finger trowel for tight spaces (Amazon)
  • A-Grip Clean* We supply an environmentally preferred cleaning solution, use to lubricate your float and clean the machine/equipment at the end of the day.
  • Wheelbarrow A 120ltr galvanised steel wheelbarrow suitable for loads more than 100kg.
  • Plastic sheeting Heavy duty, polythene sheets used to line the wheelbarrow and protect the working/mixing area (the poly bags from your aggregate pallets can also be used to line your wheelbarrow).
  • Tape Polyethylene cloth tape (75mm to 100mm width) for protecting edges and drain covers.
  • Spazzle A 24” aluminium spazzle (spreader) or wooden lute (Screwfix)
  • PPE Suitable personal protective equipment should be used by all applicators. We advise the use of nitrile gauntlet gloves, eye shield safety spectacles, knee pads and lightweight coveralls.
  • Cleaning Rags A large bag of cleaning rags.
  • Shovel A light weight shovel or spade.
  • Safety Knife Ideal for opening aggregate bags, pallet wrapping and puncturing the base of Part ‘A’
  • Barriers No entry barriers or yellow and black hazard/zebra tape can be used to prevent access.
A-Grip UV
A-Grip UV