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As expert decorative aggregate suppliers, you can rely on A-Grip for all your decorative aggregate needs. Suitable for a brand range of applications, decorative aggregates can be used for a range of uses, from driveways and paths to simple decoration in your garden or outdoor space. Whatever you may be looking to use decorative aggregates for, you can be sure that aggregate suppliers from A-Grip have the solution for you. Our experienced team are happy to provide advice and guidance to ensure that you find the most suitable decorative aggregate solution for you, whatever your needs and wants may be. With years of experience in the industry, aggregate suppliers, A-Grip have the knowledge and expertise to help with all your decorative aggregate needs. Decorative aggregate provides a beautiful and practical alternative to traditional gravel and stone solutions. Talk to us about your requirements today to ensure that we can find the best solution for you.

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  • Amber Gold 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Autumn Gold 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Autumn Gold 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Black Basalt 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Black Basalt 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Brittany Bronze 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Brittany Bronze 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Danish Quartz 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Danish Quartz 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Dobbsweir 3-6mm 25Kg Bag

  • Dorset Gold 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Dorset Gold 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Golden Quartz 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Green Granite 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Green Granite 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Red Granite 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Red Granite 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Rhine Gold 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Silver Grey 1-3mm 25Kg Bag

  • Silver Grey 2-5mm 25Kg Bag

  • Staffordshire Pink 3-6mm 25Kg Bag