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Which Resin Kit Is Best For Me?

Deciding on which resin kit could be best for your needs? Choose the resin kit most appropriate for your needs with our guide, whether you are looking for kits on a commercial scale or simply a resin bonded gravel DIY kit. We offer; A-Grip UV, A-Grip Pro, A-Grip HFS and A-Grip FLEX.

A-Grip UV

A-Grip UV is a liquid, polyurethane system specially formulated for use in pebble binding applications where the product is mixed with aggregate which is then laid as a screed over a load bearing substrate. Its highly aesthetic appearance makes it an ideal kit for garden paths, public footpaths, even cityscape projects and non-commercial driveways. Due to the products porosity, it is SUDS compliant when used on a suitable substrate and is often used for Tree Pits.

A-Grip UV has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, non- oily timber surfaces and most aggregates. A-Grip UV is best suited for areas of light vehicular or foot traffic only areas where the high performance of a resin bonded system is not required. As with the other surfaces above, no primer is required.

  • Completely non-yellowing
  • SUDS compliant
  • Long Lasting

Download – A-Grip UV Product Guide

A-Grip PRO

A-Grip Pro is a liquid, polyurea system specially formulated for professional applicators and is ideally suited for applications that require a decorative appearance combined with a very high performance. A-Grip Pro can also be used as a high friction surface as found on roundabouts and motorway slip roads. It passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to Type 1 and has an erosion index of zero (0 best, 30 worst).

When cured A-Grip Pro has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, most metal and non-oily timber surfaces. A-Grip Pro displays outstanding performance on concrete surfaces where, as with the other surfaces above, no primer is necessary. A-Grip Pro will adhere to damp or uncured concrete (over 14 days old) and is ideal for creating anti-slip surfaces on access ramps, metal/concrete steps etc.

  • Passes Type 1 scuffing test
  • Ultra High Performance
  • 0˚C – 25˚C application

Download – A-Grip PRO Product Guide

A-Grip HFS

Unlike many traditional systems. A-Grip HFS has a low carbon footprint and a proven service life of over 10 years. A-Grip HFS requires no primer and when cured, has excellent adhesion to bituminous and cementitious road surfaces.

Unlike rosin ester (hot melt), epoxy and MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) systems, A-Grip HFS incorporates the latest developments in polyurea technology to provide a high performance, cost-effective, safe alternative with award-winning credentials. Whilst commonly used systems can deteriorate after just a few months, A-Grip HFS has a proven lifespan of over 10 years.

Download – A-Grip HFS Product Guide


A-Grip Flex is a liquid, polyurea system specially formulated for applications in which substrate movement could produce reflective cracking in more rigid decorative surfacing products and is ideally suited for applications where the substrate quality fails to conform to BSEN 13108 or is unknown. A-Grip FLEX has been designed specifically for low traffic, blacktop surfaces. However, it can also be used on concrete surfaces where a possibility of hairline cracking is present.

When cured A-Grip FLEX has excellent adhesion to bituminous, cementitious, non-oily timber and most metal surfaces and is particularly suited to blacktop applications where small substrate movements are likely. As with the other products in the A-Grip range, no primer is necessary.

  • Passes Type 2 scuffing test
  • Resistant to reflective cracking
  • Highly aesthetic

Download – A-Grip FLEX Product Guide

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