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A-Grip Blended Aggregates have been fully tested and we are the only company advertising our results. Test blocks were made using the same processes and ratios that installers would normally use i.e. 1 x 6.5Kg A-Grip UV/100Kg batch of aggregate.

Each block was placed on our test rig and pressure applied via a hydraulic ram to the point of fracture. The results for the aggregates strength and deflection are included in the table. The deflection indicates how much the aggregate gave before reaching its point of fracture (measured in mm). The aggregates strength indicates the amount of pressure it took to fracture the block (measured in Kn).

Using this information, we have graded the aggregates as suitable for:


All Traffic Types –

Light Vehicles and Foot Traffic –

Foot Traffic Only –

In addition to the test results there is an indication to the area each standard 100Kg batch will cover at our recommended screed depth of 20mm.